Adios reality…hola Mexico

It is 4:56am and I am awake. And, it is not because one of my kids woke up ungodly early or because my mind is racing with the long todo lists for the day. It is 4:56 and I am awake because my hubby and I are in route to MEXICO!!! We’ve been looking forward to this day and counting down to this day for a while. And now our bags are packed and we are on our way. And to be honest, I already miss my kids a little. Because that’s what being a mom is. The same little people that drive you to the edge of insanity day after day are also the people who can melt away all of stress with one adorable gesture or one simple “I love you”.

Last night was filled with a lot of last minute to dos. But the most important thing on the list was to steal a moment of 2 for some snuggles with my kiddos. I tucked Rowan in and he let me snuggle him in the rocking chair singing all of his favorite Disney songs. And then I put him in his bed and he said “bye bye momma”. Grayson, aka mr. Independent, did not want to snuggle. But it was so cool to have a conversation with him about going on a trip and hearing him ask us questions and understand what we were saying. It somehow feels easier to leave knowing that we were able to explain our absence to him.

I know that James and I will have a million moments over the next 5 days that we steal away a thought to our kiddos. But we also know that they are incredibly capable hands. So instead of worrying about missing my kids I am just going to sit here and enjoy all of the things that I will do traveling today that I SO cannot do with kiddos in tow…

20 Travel Experiences that are flipping impossible with kiddos….

1. Carry-on only 1 partially full bag.
2. Pee all by myself
3. Not give 2 shits where the bathrooms with changing tables are.
4. Not worry about how to occupy my time if our flight is delayed
4. Drink alcohol before 8am.
5. Drink alcohol in flight.
6. Buy gossip mags instead of milk and juice.
7. Walk leisurely onto the plane when my boarding group is called. Rather than trying to convince the airline worker that my child (although not under 2) does in fact require pre-boarding so that we can get settled.
8. I won’t flinch every time someone closes the overhead bin because I won’t be worried it will wake my sleeping child.
9. I’ll read a book. Like a real book.
10. I’ll be in control of my own iPad.
11. I will not collapse strollers or wrestle with car seats one million times.
12. I will not chase anyone.
13. I will people watch. Because I am not toddler watching. And I’m a Brost…so people watching is kind of my thing.
14. I will start and finish a conversation with my hubby without 1,000,000 interruption on
15. I will not worry about timing every aspect of the day exactly right.
16. I will likely doze of on the plane. And again in the shuttle to the resort.
17. I will look like a have my shit together…an illusion that is nearly impossible when surrounded by my shorties.
18. I will stroll. Leisurely.
19. I will not apologize 100 million times. For seat kicking, for screaming, for tantrums, for hitting, for anything. Guess what, today…I’m not sorry!
20. I will be sympathetic to others traveling with children. I will not judge them. I will not glare at them. I will help them. Because I have been on their shoes.

I will do a lot of thing over the next few days that I cannot do at home. I will remember that being a mom is just one part of my life. It is a part that I love dearly, but I am proud to be so many other things as well. I will get to spend some real quality time being a wife. Something that can be difficult to dedicate as much time to as I would like. I will drink a little more and sleep a little later. I will read books and soak up the sun. I will laugh with lifelong friends. I will recharge my proverbial batteries.

In honor of traveling with my bestie Joe, founder of re-fresh, re-energize, re-organize…I will do exactly that! Because of a lot of reasons, but mostly cuz it is really freaking good advice.

Re-fresh. Feed your soul and all of things that bring meaning to your life.

Re-energize. Rest, relax and recoup. Give yourself time to process things that challenge you and then move forward with a new sense of life. Of fight.

Re-organize. Take stock of the things that may be barriers and make a plan to do it better.

Adios reality…hola Mexico!!!


2 thoughts on “Adios reality…hola Mexico

  1. Roxanne M. Baker says:

    I enjoyed reading this, Jess, partly because I’m excited for Joe and Andrei to be spending time with you and James, and partly because I’m excited that someone I care about (you) is getting a break. (Long sentence, I know) Anyhoo, I’m glad you have someone special to take care of the boys while you’re away. Your Mom is a peach:)


  2. Suzanne says:

    Loved this, Jessica!! Always have said that one of the best gifts you can give your kids and yourself is taking the time to keep your marriage a priority!! Enjoy your time together!! Your kids couldn’t be in better hands! I so appreciate your blog, Your honesty and the obvious love and joy expressed in your revelations are inspiring to us all no matter what stage of life!! Family and faith….. You are blessed!! Sincerely, Suzanne Floody


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