Brown Bear Brown Bear…what do you see?

This life, this journey is about knowing when to stop and celebrate amazing things that happen. Sometimes that is as simple as hearing Grayson say “I love you.” Or watching him flush the toilet or wash his hands without verbal cues. Some of the moments we celebrate are moments that are probably pretty “typical” in other homes. Moments like making eye contact when talking or initiating play with a peer or pulling up his own pants after using the restroom. To us, these things are indications that all of the effort and all of the hours are working.

I am amazed by both of my sons every single day. Grayson blows us away with his commitment and follow through. His schedule is more gruesome then I would like to ask of my 4 year old. But he handles is like a champ. He rises to the occasion and he actively seeks out ways to make us proud…to make himself proud. And our son Rowan is just so darn smart. He is so in tune with people. He is gentle and kind and he will always turn your day around. I watch these two in awe every day.

And then there are some days…some moments that we cannot let pass without screaming from the top of our lungs how proud we are as parents. We had one of those moments the other night during a routine bedtime. James was finishing up some dishes in the kitchen while I read a story to Rowan. Grayson was waiting patiently in his room for his bedtime story. He came into Rowan’s room and selected a book. He went down to his room and seconds later we heard him begin to speak. My husband turned off the sink and I stopped reading to Rowan; straining my ears to hear Grayson. And then I heard it…he was reciting a book word for word. I swiftly kissed Rowan and placed him into his bed. And I all but ran down the hallway. I scooped Grayson into my lap. And then the most amazing thing happened. My 4 year old son recited me a goodnight story.

At this time last year Grayson could not speak more than 2 or 3 words in a phrase. And even then he was only repeating common phrases. He could not tell us about his day or his friends. He could not communicate his wants or his needs. Grayson was speaking at half of his age level a year ago. He was significantly delayed. This story just shows how much there is to say about early intervention. Sure, I hate the rigidity of our schedule. Yes, sometimes it makes me tired thinking about all of the hours of speech and therapy we have endured over the past 2 years. Of course there are Saturdays when I just want to lay in bed and watch cartoons with my kiddod rather than prep for 3 hours of therapy. All of those things are true. But do you know what else is true? Last year my son could not even ask me to read him a story. And, on Tuesday night…he read one to me. And that is why we do it. That is why we push. That is why we schedule. That is why we fight. That is why we rise up.

“But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out…AND MOVE MOUNTAINS”!


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